Trump is Going to Win my Suburb and Maybe Yours Too

The Nextdoor App Told Me So

I have not used the Nextdoor app much, except to maybe welcome new neighbors or sympathize with someone who had lost a cat. I was browsing the app recently with the intention of listing unwanted items for sale when I came across Those Posts.

The headline looked quite harmless – where can I get a MAGA cap at a reasonable price?

I was curious so I clicked on the comments.


The level of hatred and vitriol from my own neighbors was something I was not prepared for. Here are some example:

- Don’t vote for Joe and the Hoe.

- “Protestors” are coming to invade our suburbs

- “They” (code for Black and Brown people) are lazy and live off food stamps

- The local Target is going to get looted, we must have our guns ready

- Trump will save us from the heathen, baby-eating Democrats


An interesting feature of the Nextdoor app is that it reveals either the address of your neighbor or the street where he lives. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, there is no anonymity on Nextdoor. I know exactly where these people live, they greet me when I jog past them and act all civil towards me. Yet underneath that civility, lies hatred and bigotry. I am a brown woman living in an upper class neighborhood in California. This is not something I expected in California, of all places.

I decided to respond to some of the comments, with facts and data. I managed to get in 3 responses before a neighbor informed me that I was violating the so- called “community standards” of Nextdoor.

My comments were respectful and based on facts and data. I tried to log back in to the app and found out that I had been banned! I went on to Google to research the Nextdoor app. Apparently, Nextdoor is policed by “community moderators” who have the sole discretion to ban anyone they deem to be “violating” their “community standards”.

I also found out that Ultraviolet has a petition out asking Nextdoor to ban hate speech and racism. Apparently the app is famous for folks reporting “suspicious Black people” in the neighbourhood.

After a week, they let me back on the app. Yes, the MAGA posters were still there, spewing hateful comments. They had not been banned.

I now know that I live amongst haters and bigots. I plan to move out of this suburb.

Better check Nextdoor to see what’s going on in your neighborhood. To me, it’s a better indicator of who’s going to win this election in your neighborhood, than the polls. Remember how wrong the polls were in 2016?

Update 20th January 2021. Trump’s Republican party won my county and congressional district.

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